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  • Marketing on Amazon Report

    This report, based on research carried out by Anders Hjorth and Dan Saunders to which Kenshoo contributed,  provides a starting point for understanding the why, the what and the how of Amazon marketing. It presents a practical angle to getting going with the channel and for the more advanced marketers, brings inspiration and guidance for succeeding with Amazon in 2020.

  • The Kenshoo Q4 2019 Quarterly Trends Report

    Going into mid-year planning, marketers knew that Q4 2019 was projected to be the first trillion-dollar retail shopping season in the U.S. Did advertisers step up their game in anticipation of the opportunity? Did they look to outspend rivals? Where did they invest their digital ad dollars? Download the recap to discover the Q4 trends.

  • El costo oculto de las herramientas SEM gratuitas

    La pregunta correcta no es “¿cuánto puedo ganar pagando por una herramienta de búsqueda?”, sino “¿cuánto pierdo al usar una gratuita?“ Los especialistas en marketing de búsqueda pueden elegir entre ejecutar sus programas con las herramientas nativas gratuitas proporcionadas por los motores de búsqueda o por plataformas integradas de terceros con funciones adicionales con base… Read More »

  • The Kenshoo Q3 2019 Quarterly Trends Report

    In many ways, Q3 is the calm before the storm during which marketers put their media budgets on tried-and-true channels as they work diligently to prep for Q4. Read the report to learn the latest trends across Search, Social and Ecommerce advertising.

  • So You Built an App…Now What?

    It’s clear that a real go-to-market plan is needed, with a focus on app discovery, and there’s no other real estate more valuable for this than inside the app stores’ search results. To compete, brands must master app store search marketing—both organically and with paid advertising—just as they did on the desktop web.

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