“Using Google Smart Bidding + Kenshoo’s Budget Navigator led to many positive trends. The team saw an increase in CVR & AOV in conjunction with an increase in traffic, which helped drive higher overall revenue and conversion volume. In addition, savings on average CPC helped boost efficiency and stay within the shopping budget.”
- Senior specialist for Shopping & Feed at performance marketing agency

15 %
Increase in revenue
13 %
Increase in ROAS
10 %
Decrease is CPC


A large independent performance marketing agency leverages Kenshoo to manage their Search and Shopping advertising campaigns for leading retail clients.

One of their clients, a global manufacturer, was using Google Smart Bidding to hit their target ROAS, but had the challenge of manually managing their budget. Not only was it extremely time consuming to continuously update their budget constraints, but they also struggled to adhere to their monthly budget. 


The agency turned to Kenshoo to take advantage of a powerful suite of solutions that complemented publisher automated bidding to improve performance and efficiency. With Kenshoo, the agency was able to easily download the client’s active Smart Bidding portfolios and control spend using Budget Navigator. Budget Navigator is a proprietary pacing and forecasting tool that empowers clients to predict investment outcomes and optimize towards their goals.

Kenshoo’s machine-learning forecasting technology provides continuous feedback on expected results and monitors pacing so you aren’t manually updating your constraints. This was a game changer for the retail giant and gave them an efficient way to optimize performance – finding the sweet spot between spend and ROI. With Kenshoo’s powerful tool, the agency was empowered with full control of their client’s budget as well as valuable insight into the impact of their investments. 


By using Budget Navigator with Smart Bidding, the team saw immediate results for their client. Traffic jumped 13%, driving average order value and conversions. As a result, overall revenue increased 15%, compared to the prior period. In addition to boosted performance, they were more efficient with their spend, decreasing their average CPC by 10%.