“Especially in uncertain times (like 2020 has proven to be!), our Apple Search Ads strategy has evolved regularly. Kenshoo Apps has been a great fit for us in that sense as it is a really agile platform that allows us to make strategic changes efficiently. Autobidding has really eased our daily workload - and the Kenshoo Client Success team continues to get hands-on to ensure we are doing what we need to drive results, manage campaigns optimally and take full advantage of the Kenshoo Apps platform”
- Milla Leinonen, Project Management: App Stores & Effectiveness - EasyPark

About EasyPark

EasyPark Group is one of the leading European providers of digital parking services. The company has been working with Kenshoo since October 2019 to promote and scale its app across Apple Search Ads in seven European countries.

Transitioning from Agency to In-House

Initially, all of its Apple Search Ads activity was being managed in Kenshoo Apps via an agency. However, having made the decision to bring this back in-house the team turned to Kenshoo for support in:

  • making the transition from agency to in-house as smooth as possible
  • automating as much of the bidding process as possible to save the team time in day-to-day management 
  • ensuring that performance continued to grow across its key KPI’s

Kenshoo Apps Automation Solutions Ensure Business As Usual

Having undertaken a successful test of Kenshoo’s Automatic Bid Optimization for Apple Search Ads solution earlier in the year in Sweden, the EasyPark team put its trust into the automation capabilities of Kenshoo Apps. Working with the Kenshoo Client Success Team, it expanded the test across all seven markets for both brand and non-brand campaigns and automated the entire bidding optimization process.

They were able to use Kenshoo’s Schedule Manager to ensure the system reactivated campaigns, without any manual effort, at the right time over the weekends. 

And Kenshoo’s Budget Manager further removed the need to be hands-on in the tool every single day. The team was able to set monthly budgets across countries which the tool automatically managed in order to achieve the business goals without overspending.


Not only was Kenshoo able to make the transition from agency to in-house seamless, performance against its key KPI’s experienced double-digital growth compared to the five months prior.

“We could not have managed this transition without the support of the Kenshoo team in automating our entire Apple Search Ads program. We don’t have the bandwidth to be constantly hands-on in the platform, so this was an ideal solution for us” – Reni Dallaku, Marketing Trainee – EasyPark


  • EasyPark wanted to transition from agency to in-house as well as grow performance across 3 of its top KPI’s


  • Kenshoo’s Automatic Bid Optimization tool


  • Seamless transition from agency to in-house
  • Performance against it’s key KPI’s experienced double-digit growth compared to the five months prior