Choose the videos and images people see of your ad based on where they see them.

  • Custom Assets Per Placement

    Advertisers can customize the image or video creative they want to appear by placement, while still allowing our systems to optimize for the placement itself. Customizing creative by placements ensures that the ad will best match the viewing behavior for that placement, while still taking advantage of the efficiencies of multiple placements.

Align PAC with your Advertising Goals

  • Deliver the right message based on where your customer is experiencing it

  • Expand your reach by leveraging all Facebook placements

  • Simplify your campaign management by leveraging unique creative per placement within a single ad

Kenshoo Enables Advertisers to do more with PAC

  • Customize all text fields per placement

    When editing ads per placement, Ads Manager only allows you to pick one placement at a time to customize. This means if you want to update all of your Instagram placements to have the same image, or all Messenger placements to share the same copy, this would take updating Instagram stories, and newsfeed one at a time. Kenshoo enables bulk edits to save you time and make leveraging PAC more efficient.

  • Edit multiple placements in bulk

    Currently in Facebook Ad’s Manager, you are only able to customize the Primary Text and Description. This is a big limitation for advertisers wanting to update the entire messaging per placement. Kenshoo enables advertisers to update Primary text, link description and even headline per placement.

  • Copy text fields across placements

    Copying text from one ad or placement to another is exclusively available within Kenshoo. Making it possible to keep your copy consistent across placement throughout all of your ads and allowing you to save time in the process.

Templates to Bring your Stories to Life

Stories templates automatically transform your image into an attention-grabbing vertical ad for Instagram Stories. This means you can reach your audience on Instagram Stories without investing a lot of time and effort into designing a new ad.

Stories templates are in the vertical aspect ratio, which can be more engaging as your ad covers the whole upright mobile screen. Stories templates also add movement, which can be eye-catching in the fast-moving stories environment.