Move beyond just tracking phone calls to actually optimizing your campaigns based on the keywords that generate the most profitable phone calls

  • Optimize Your Search Program to Drive More Phone Calls

    Kenshoo’s™ Call Conversion Optimization™ solution helps increase call conversions by automatically identifying and optimizing towards the highest converting keywords. By partnering with leading call tracking providers such as CallSource, Jet Interactive, Marchex, Mongoose Metrics and TelMetrics, Kenshoo facilitates the tracking of phone calls and then applies proprietary algorithms to match calls to keywords.
  • Kenshoo Call Conversion Optimization is ideal for multi-location advertising, helping one national auto manufacturer increase lead volume by up to 70% and lowering overall cost per lead by up to 35% for its dealerships.
    • 70%

      Lead Increase

    • 35%

      Lower CPC

Kenshoo’s Call Conversion Optimization Provides an End-to-End Solution to Increase Call Volume


    Easy integration with leading call tracking providers

    Proprietary matching algorithms to track calls at the keyword level

    Automatically adjust keyword bids through custom bid policies to increase performance

Close the Loop Between Online and Offline
With Kenshoo’s Call Conversion Optimization

  • Find and provision tracking numbers directly from Kenshoo
  • Apply tracking numbers and generate tracking code
  • Utilize single-number or session-based call tracking

  • Track calls to the keyword level
  • Apply bid policies to drive more phone calls
  • View call data within the Kenshoo tool and reports

Neil Mahoney

SimPartners, Partner & Director of eCommerce

Call Conversion Optimization, in my opinion, is a huge differentiator of the Kenshoo Suite. Not only are we able to tie the value of offline phone calls back to the original keyword click, but we can consider the value of that phone call in our automated bid rules - that's HUGE!